Montréal Linux-Meetup

Tuesday, September 4, 2018, 19:00 EDT

Read time: 1 min.

I presented RoLLodeQc and Gatsby 2 at the September 4th 2018 Montréal Linux-Meetup in front of about 40 people at l’ETS and Miguel Croteau was there to present OpenZFS. My slides are available with a few notes. A big thank you to Martial Bigras who has been organizing the Linux-Meetups all over Québec for the last 15 years!

Group picture

This site, the RoLLodeQc, is built with Gatsby which uses React and GraphQL to generate a static website from various data sources. For the moment, the RoLLodeQc only uses data from GitHub but other sources are being explored. I was able to answer many questions during the presentation and I hope it was satisfying for those present.

The Linux-Meetup de Montréal present each month new subjects and presentators. Don’t miss the next meetup Tuesday October 2nd to celebrate the Linux-Meetups’ 15th anniversary.