BlogueLinux Podcast #160

Thursday, September 20, 2018, 20:00 EDT

Read time: 1 min.

I was happy to participate again in episode #160 of BlogueLinux during the Québec Free Software Week with Patrick, Sandrine and Steeve, the second guest. BlogueLinux is a podcast québécois dealing with Open source software, Free software, the GNU/Linux OS and technology in general. Patrick and Sandrine have been hosting this podcast every other week for many years in a cusual tone.

Listen to the episode (in French)

Québec Free Software Week

On the SQIL side, Sandrine offered a good summary of the activities and JILL (Software Freedom Day).

For my part, I searched the RoLLodeQc to find a few projects of local interest.

Nearby Humor

A Python client for TOU.TV

Since the last episode, I had time to complete what I had planned for the show, a list of projects with a Québec touch found on GitHub, it’s over here: but I’ll get back to that in a upcoming post.