Tuesday, October 9, 2018, 19:00 EDT

Read time: 1 min.

I’ll be presenting the RoLLodeQc and Gatsby 2 at JS-Montréal Octobre 9th 2018. My slides are available with a few notes.

The JS-Montréal meetups are organized the 2nd Tuesday of every month since 2010. This will be the meetup #93. See you at la La Gare at 5333 Casgrain street in Montréal at 19h Tuesday Octobre 9th 2018.

This site, the RoLLodeQc, is built with Gatsby which uses React and GraphQL to generate a static website from various data sources. For the moment, the RoLLodeQc only uses data from GitHub but other sources are being explored.

Contrary to the last presentation at the Linux-Meetup, this time I was able to delve more into Gatsby and some of the advantages static sites bring.

Multiple choice presentation

So what’s on the program? It will depend on you!

  1. RoLLoDeQc, the directory
  2. RoLLoDeQc, built with Gatsby
  3. JS-Montréal website, built with Gatsby
  4. SPCA, find Putzi (my old cat) with Gatsby